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Every Six Nations stadium, ranked by their TripAdvisor score

Every Six Nations fan will try to claim their stadium is the best around, just as they’ll claim their team’s backs are the quickest.

But which stadium is really the best? There’s only one way to find out, and it damn sure isn’t actually going out and speaking to people about it.

People have too much emotional connection to their teams home to respond fairly.

You know who has no emotion? People who leave reviews on TripAdvisor. With that in mind, we’ve decided to head on over to the review site in order to find a definitive ranking of all Six countries taking part


6. Italy – Stadio Olimpico: 4.09

GOOD REVIEWCame here for the rugby, my first international game and I was not disappointed. Lovely stadium, lots of entertainment outside and inside the stadium, not ripped off for food and drinks, everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was electrifying.

BAD REVIEW: It’s unbelievable that this is the main stadium in Rome. It’s old, dirty and uncomfortable and even 3th division clubs in the UK have better facilities. 

5. France – Stade de France: 4.24

GOOD REVIEWI am an American and some of the reviews for this stadium, in my opinion, do not do it justice. It is as good as some of the best US sports stadiums. I thought it was great. 

BAD REVIEWhis venue is not suitable for visiting fans. The atmosphere is hostile to say the least and therefore particularly unsuitable for families.