Faf de Klerk facts: 10 things you didn’t know about the Sale star

Being one of the most popular players on the globe is likely to generate an incredible fan-base globally, but we are fairly confident that there are some aspects of Faf de Klerk’s life and career you are not familiar with.

Here are 10 Faf de Klerk facts you may not know about:

Faf de Klerk facts:

1. Actual name

Despite being better known as Faf, his full name is actually Francois de Klerk.

2. Overlooked for his height

“It was disappointing but luckily I have great parents who have always supported me. South African rugby players are notoriously big and some coaches just got stuck in that mindset and decided I wouldn’t make it because of my height and that was that. It didn’t matter how big I got physically. But it just gave me the motivation to prove them wrong, as I’ve always believed in myself.”

3. A huge fan of fancy dress

The South African takes any opportunity to throw on a wacky outfit.


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