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Five Funniest Rugby Moments In History

4. Don’t Celebrate Before You Score

It’s always a good to see someone who is acting cocky end up failing spectacularly and that is exactly what happens in this video. With London Irish drawing 13-13 late on with London Wasps in a tense Premiership encounter the Irish executed a nice set move off the back of a scrum on the halfway line. After some nice passing the ball eventually finds itself in the hands of Argentinian star Juan Manuel Leguizamon, who just has to run the ball over the line and touch it down for a simple try.

“But wait”, thought Leguizamon, “why score a simple try when I can show-off with an elaborate dive” And so Juan instead leapt several feet into the air to execute this genius plan, only to forgot the hold onto the ball…

To add insult to injury the slow-motion replays (the third angle in particular) showed that the Argentinian flanker’s heavy landing also resulted in him getting a face full of mud for his troubles. And that kids is why you shouldn’t celebrate too soon.