"Flat out scary" - The 5 biggest and strongest Lions tour beasts - Ruck

“Flat out scary” – The 5 biggest and strongest Lions tour beasts

The first British & Irish Lions test is almost upon us, where superhuman players will strike fear into their opposite numbers, be it with their colossal height, huge weight or Herculean strength.

Here, RUCK picks out the giants who look on course to make their mark for the tourists during the series.

#1. Eben Etzebeth (South Africa)

At 6ft 8 and 280lbs, Etzebeth must scare the sh*t out of his own family. This rugby player that is such a tank he had to have custom made dumbbells specially made for him, because the 65kg (145lb) ones were, and I quote, ‘too light’.

His sheer size is intimidating as hell and the fact that he can bench press 385lbs and do incline dumbbell presses with 175lbs in each hand is flat out scary.


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