Israel Folau targets gays, transgender children in latest speech…

Israel Folau has targeted transgender children as the focus for his latest attack on gender and sexuality.

In his sermon at The Truth of Jesus Christ Church in Sydney yesterday, the Daily Telegraph report Folau talked about a number of issues including gender treatment.

“In today’s youths and everything, they are allowing young kids in primary school to be able to have the permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of the parents,” Folau said in his Sunday sermon at The Truth of Jesus Christ Church in Kenthurst in Sydney’s outer northwest.

“Now they are trying to take control as a government to make those decisions for young kids who are basically 16 years old or young, they don’t even know what they are doing.

“This is what the devil is trying to do,” Folau said, “To instil into this government, into this world, into society, and it is slowly happening.

“They say that a man and a man should be able to be married and there is nothing wrong with it. This buys into the theme of pleasing man rather than pleasing God and standing up for the truth,” Folau continued in the sermon, which was posted to the church’s Facebook page.


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