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Foreign-Born Players in 2019 Six Nations

The hot topic of foreign-born players returns. The upcoming 2019 Six Nations Championship will see the finest European teams battling it out in the annual competition.

The topic in question is hugely popular as people both criticize and defend the use of players from abroad.

All told, the 2019 Six Nations will have a grand total of 18 nations represented. The Americas contributes to this list through Argentina, Canada, and the USA.

Here is the full breakdown:


The Welsh roster for the 2016 Six Nations tournament included 13 foreign-born players, in 2017 it was 10 and in 2018 it was nine. Another decrease this year with the number falling to seven.

  1. Ross Moriarty – England
  2. Tomas Francis – England
  3. George North – England
  4. Jonah Holmes – England
  5. Hallam Amos – England
  6. Hadleigh Parkes – New Zealand
  7. Gareth Anscombe – New Zealand


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