Former Wales rugby star on his battle with spine cancer at the age of 38

Former Wales rugby international Matthew J Watkins has spoken of his ongoing battle with cancer after revealing the disease has spread from his pelvis to his spine.


Watkins has been keeping people up to date with his progress and told WalesOnline: “Everything is going great and I’m trying out a new treatment. It is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about it, you’ve just got to crack on.

“It’s moved from my pelvis to my spine and I was told that news back in February. Basically they stopped my old treatment as it wasn’t that effective.

“You can only have four treatments because of the damage it does to your kidneys.

“They give you a good dose of radiation which targets the cancer. I’ve started this treatment two weeks ago and I spend two days up there at a time.

“I’ll be going up there every two-and-half-months for the radiation sessions. Velindre doesn’t do this treatment so I’m having to go up to London.”

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