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Games to Play While the Rugby World Cup Is On

The Rugby World Cup is on! That means we’ll be glued to the TV every match day. As this is the showpiece event of the rugby calendar, it wouldn’t hurt for match days to be full-on viewing parties.

Invite your friends over, prepare a feast, and enjoy the action together as a group. We also recommend that you play some rugby inspired side games, too. Interested? Great! Now read on for our suggestions on games you can play while the Rugby World Cup is on:

Don’t Say It

Don’t Say It is a variation of a party game suggested in The Spruce. Instead of banning the word football, you need to prepare a list of words and terms that everyone has to avoid saying while the watching the rugby match. For example, in your list you can include “Yes!” or even phrases like “Let’s go!” Anyone who utters the words on the list must put some money in the penalty jar. Afterwards you can use that money to either give it to the winner (whoever had the least amount of penalties) or buy food with it.

Rugby Ball Targets

What rugby fan doesn’t have a rugby ball? Put it to good use this World Cup by playing a ball toss game with your friends, while watching a match. Just place targets all around the house, then let everyone take turns hitting them. You can even place empty rubbish bins or baskets in strategic locations in your garden, and ask your friends to throw the ball into them. Each successful throw will win a prize! But, in keeping with rugby’s rules, only lateral or backward throws are allowed. It may be best to use a small soft rugby ball rather than an actual match ball, particularly if you have lots of breakable objects in your garden.

Rugby Bingo

Bingo, like rugby, is a British institution. But why play ol’ fashioned bingo, when you can play Rugby World Cup bingo? Activity Village created a Rugby World Cup bingo set that uses the teams instead of numbers. Following their idea you can create your own Rugby World Cup bingo set. But wait. Why not add a twist? In this case, you might want to play progressive jackpots, just to add to the fun and excitement (not the mention the prizes). Foxy Bingo details how progressive jackpots are a big part of the game as they encourage people to keep playing as they win more. You can apply this to the World Cup bingo game by adding prizes or challenges as the game progresses (e.g. first player to fill out a line or first player to cover all European teams on their card).

Rugby World Cup Quiz

Lots of us like to answer questions on sport. For your viewing party, we suggest you play a Rugby World Cup quiz. Here you make a questionnaire for the match that’s on. You can even add questions as the match progresses. Whoever gets the most number of correct answers wins

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