Gloucester chief responds to claims their new badge looks like Leicester Tigers

Gloucester Chief Executive Stephen Vaughan has insisted that the Cherry & Whites new badge is unique to the club.

Opinion has been divided among fans since the logo was revealed on Tuesday with some supporters suggesting it looks like that of Premiership rivals Leicester Tigers.

“Most badges have an animal, whether it’s a tiger, a lion, a falcon, a wasp or whatever it might be,” said chief executive Stephen Vaughan.

“In the eye of the beholder, it might look like another badge. That’s fine.


What we couldn’t do was to not have the badge that we wanted because it might look a little bit similar to another badge somewhere down the line.

“Everything we’ve done is about Gloucester Rugby. If you use Leicester as an example, ours is cherry and white and theirs isn’t, ours says Gloucester Rugby, clearly theirs doesn’t, ours has got a lion, theirs has got a tiger, different years formed.

“Yes, there will be resemblances with other badges but we’re very clear that’s a Gloucester Rugby logo and it can’t be disputed, it doesn’t look like anything else and you can tell immediately what it is.”


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