GOT star played rugby to chase 'skirt' - Ruck

GOT star played rugby to chase ‘skirt’

Jon Snow may “know nothing” on Game of Thrones, but actor Kit Harrington has revealed he knows a thing or two about rugby union from his younger days.

He told American TV host Rich Eisen: “I was a scrumhalf … that means nothing to you, does it?

“Scrumhalf is the little guy – the smallest guy in the team.”

“Scrappy,” offered Eisen.

“Yeah, he’s hard to catch,” agreed Harington, who insisted he played to quite a high level.

“He takes the ball out of the scrum and gets it out to the backs.”

But the now world famous actor eventually had to make the choice between his sporting career and acting.


“There’s something that happens to young men when they go from being 16-17 years old to suddenly playing at 18 years old, and you know when young men become men.

“I got hit with a tackle – and I was in the drama society, as well as being in the rugby team – and I thought I had to protect this.”

“I had to protect the money-maker, and one more hit like that to my face and I could kiss acting goodbye.”

Harington admitted he had pursed rugby and drama to chase girls.

“Being a jock and also being the mysterious, artistic one … it was all motivated by chasing skirt.”

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