Steve Hansen defends England's bold response to the Haka - Ruck

Steve Hansen defends England’s bold response to the Haka

All Blacks head coach Steve Hansen welcomed England’s response to the Haka and is baffled why World Rugby chose to fine them.

“I think their [England’s] response was fantastic,” said Hansen.

“They didn’t get fined for responding with what they did, they got fined because they went over the halfway [line]. And everyone knows you can’t go over the halfway.

“Joe [Marler] didn’t go back when he got told two or three times. I thought the response was brilliant. If you understand the haka, it requires a response. It’s a challenge to you personally and it requires you to have a response. I thought it was brilliant, quite imaginative too.”

Eddie Jones’ team were fined £2,000 by World Rugby after six players crossed the halfway line as they received the challenge, which breaches tournament rules.


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