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Hard man Peter O’Mahony breaks down and cries on the pitch

#4. Austin Healey

Harry Ellis had taken Austin Healey’s position at scrum-half in 2001 – and Healey had dropped to the bench. In the changing rooms before the game, the experienced Healey came over to Ellis and asked how he was feeling ahead of his debut in front of 15,000 at Welford Road  – Ellis replied ‘I’m really, really nervous about it mate – absolutely bricking myself!’, to which Healey told him ‘Yeah, well you should be nervous – because you’re f*cking sh*t!’

Nigel Owens said: “Definitely. I only caught him towards the end of his career, thankfully. A wonderfully talented player and a very good pundit now, but he always had plenty to say to anyone who would listen and quickly assumed I didn’t like him. He’s actually blocked me on Twitter, but I don’t think I’m the only one.”