Heartbroken Rhys Webb responds to speculation he could back out of Toulon move - Ruck

Heartbroken Rhys Webb responds to speculation he could back out of Toulon move

“Heartbroken” Rhys Webb says he will not change his decision to join Toulon in 2018 – even though it means he will not be eligible to play for Wales.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get over it,” said Webb.

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“It’s a joke. I’m disappointed. Representing your country means so much to me and being told I won’t be able to play for them is heartbreaking.

“I made my mind up on the basis that the policy was the wildcard system. No-one had mentioned it was going to change.

“I signed for Toulon on the basis if I was playing well I could still be considered. It was still such a tough decision. I felt I had to speak to the Ospreys face to face. It was heartbreaking to tell them.

“No-one had told me [about the policy change]. Not even the Ospreys had mentioned in when I went to see them.

“Gatland explained there could be a new system in place,” added Webb.

“He didn’t say there was or there is, just talks about it potentially happening.

“I listened to the offer from the WRU and I didn’t feel they were valuing me with the right offer. I felt I was being devalued,” he said.

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“The Toulon offer was one I couldn’t turn down. It was a dream come true to play for a club like that. Their history in European rugby speaks for itself.

“These chances don’t come round often.

“I probably would have liked someone to come and explain to me how I’d been captured,

“It’s baffling. I’m very disappointed with Welsh rugby right now.”

Webb was asked if, as Gatland has suggested, he could try to opt out of moving to Toulon.

He replied: “I won’t be doing that. My future lies in Toulon.”


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