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Here’s Five Times Alun Wyn Jones Proved He’s The Biggest Legend In Rugby

3. This story from Adam Jones

Jones figured alongside Alun Wyn for the Ospreys and for Wales.

In his book, Bomb: My Autobiography, he tells a revealing story which contradicts the view of Jones as being gruff and unapproachable, with little time for humour.  

“To most rugby fans and journalists, he’s a total enigma, but I’d defend him to the hilt,” writes the ex-Wales and Ospreys prop.

“He’s my best mate and I was best man at his wedding. Anyone who thinks he’s a psychopath and has no affectionate side just needs to see him with my daughter Isla.

“He’s the soppiest bloke on earth in the company of youngsters.

“Isla’s a massive Toy Story fan and for her third birthday he turned up dressed as Buzz Lightyear. He hadn’t told us he was going to do it — he just took it upon himself because he knew how much she’d love it. And he was right. She was absolutely made up.”

4. Multi-talented

Jones studied part-time for a degree in law at Swansea University, graduating on 21 July 2010

5. This HUGE ovation

A true legend. Alun Wyn Jones gets a brilliant ovation as he leaves the field at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.


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