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Here’s the reason why England players didn’t wear rainbow laces

Some of the England team didn’t wear rainbow laces against Australia in their last Test of 2018 at Twickenham – and here’s why.

The match has been pegged to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity Stonewall UK and the RFU have given England’s match-day squad pairs of the laces to help raise awareness.

Underhill explained: “It is more to do with, and it sounds a bit ridiculous given the size of the issue they are representing, the thickness of the laces.


“They are actually really uncomfortable in my boots and they are really long. I won’t be wearing them, but I fully support the LGBT community. That is something we are all very, very keen that people know.

“On game day, little things can make quite big differences. It is a fantastic cause to support. If it was on a shirt or something like that, I don’t think anyone would say anything.

“It’s just the fact that you get two bits of kit, your boots and your gum shield. Those are the only bits of kit that are yours. Changes in things such as your laces, it sounds stupid but it can make a big difference to a player. You like to keep your routine the same.

“So I won’t but it is an incredibly worthy cause, an incredibly important cause, and it is something I am very glad is coming to the fore in terms of support.”

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