“His sheer explosivity” - Jonny Wilkinson's dream backline is something special - Ruck

“His sheer explosivity” – Jonny Wilkinson’s dream backline is something special

Sky Sports put Jonny Wilkinson to the test, as the legendary England fly-half was asked to pick his ideal backline out of the array of stars he played with and against during his illustrious career.


  • 9. Gary Armstrong (Scotland): “The sheer aggression and resilience of the guy, his sheer character meant that anything, any ball that wasn’t good enough to go out to the number ten was never going to go out to the number ten. He would deal with everything himself and that meant control of the game”
  • 10. Lynagh, Carter, Larkham, Stransky, Fox: “This is the key position for any World Cup winning team. You need guys that are going to lead and continue to do so right to the final seconds when it gets very, very tough. I can’t just pick one.”
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