Honey Badger weights in on Israel Folau saga - Ruck

Honey Badger weights in on Israel Folau saga

In an exclusive interview with Stellar magazine, Nick Cummins has revealed what he thinks of his former teammates burning controversy and praises the former NRL and AFL star’s decision to speak freely.

However, as Folau prepares to pursue Rugby Australia for $10 million through expected proceedings in the Federal Court, Cummins said Folau’s homophobic Instagram post in April clashes with his own beliefs that “everyone is equal”.

“I commend (Folau) for his courage, for having an opinion in these times. I think it’s something we deserve, the right to (one’s) own opinion,” Cummins said.

“But I also have a spiritual part to me that’s like, ‘Hang on a second, everyone is equal.’”


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