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“Horrible, absolutely horrible” – Wasps reveal new logo – and fans don’t like it

Wasps have unveiled an updated version of its logo as part of its move to bring all elements of the club under one banner. 

The men’s and women’s teams, netball team, and the academy, as well as Wasps FC, will all adopt the new visual identity – but fans don’t seem too keen.

A statement on the Wasps website read: “The evolution of the Wasps’ crest pays homage to the club’s history while looking ahead to its future.

“The modernised, simplified design sees a return to the four-legged Wasp in recognition of the club’s original logo, while the rugby ball backdrop has been removed to show that Wasps is now much more than just a rugby club.”

One fan wrote: “As the saying goes “If it’s not broken “. Sorry don’t like it. Have they changed the B & ILs or Barbarians logo due to evolution, no. Very disappointed with Wasps.’

Another added: “Not really sure this is an evolution. If we wanted a unifying brand image why didn’t we use the retro logo that FC and the women’s team used?”

Supporter Gary Turner said: “Horrible, absolutely horrible. I won’t be buying anything with that on. Whose idea was this?!!!!”

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