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“I never him dropped once” – Clive Woodward ranks his five best England players

#1. Richard Hill

  • Born May 23, 1973, Dormansland, Surrey
  • Major teams British and Irish Lions, Saracens, England
  • Position Back-row

The back-rower was part of the much-vaunted England loose trio of Back, Dallaglio and Hill that took England to Rugby World Cup glory in 2003 under Clive Woodward.

The ultimate players’ player, Hill did all the unseen, grafting work and just got on with his job in unassuming fashion, putting his body on the line.

Able to excel right across the back row, he was a pivotal figure on two Lions trips and an England World Cup winner

WOODWARD SAID: “I rated Hill so highly in an England jersey that he was the only player I never dropped once during my tenure. Different class.”

DID YOU KNOW? On his mother’s side, Hill is a second cousin removed of film director Peter Jackson, who Directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy


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