If Joe Marler was in charge, he'd make these changes to rugby... - Ruck

If Joe Marler was in charge, he’d make these changes to rugby…

Joe Marler was questioned on rugby governance, and has drawn up a manifesto with Rassie Erasmus lined up to be his right hand man when he takes power.

You can read Marler’s full brilliant manifesto by clicking here.

The England prop firstly revealed that he’d want controversial South Africa boss as his deputy leader.

Marler wrote: “Rassie’s gold. He’s marmite but he’s got people talking about rugby. I love him. I f***ing love him.

“Rassie seems very true to himself. I’ve never met the bloke but I got his staff to pass on a bottle of red to him after we played South Africa in the autumn.

“He is who he is. He does what he wants. I love anyone who is authentic and stays true to who they are. You don’t have to agree with them.”


Marler said: “The first thing I would do is ban the f***ing caterpillar ruck,’ he says. ‘It kills me. The whole thing is an a***. I would go as far as saying I’d ban box kicks but I might start to sound like Clive Woodward.

‘I want to see referees sanction the scrum-half for not using it when they shout “Use it”. I also want to get rid of the rule where the defence get the ball back if they hold you up and create a maul in the tackle.’