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“Ill-conceived muddle-headed idea” – Sir Clive Woodward’s verdict on Six Nations expansion

The Six Nations could do with some tweaks but there are infinitely better options than adding South Africa according to World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward.

Woodward wrote: “It would be hard to think of a more ill-conceived muddle-headed idea than South Africa being randomly parachuted into the Six Nations.

“It would leave Italy — and other aspiring European nations — banished to the wilderness. I shake my head yet again at rugby’s total inability to manage its affairs properly and promote growth and development.

“Rugby union is light years behind where it should be and a good deal of that can be placed at the Six Nations’ door.

“It is a great tournament for those lucky enough to be involved but it is invitation-only and has selfishly stifled European rugby for the best part of a century. It is why rugby is only a middling, niche sport worldwide compared to many others.

“I have many objections to the notion of South Africa joining the Six Nations but top of my list is that there is a much better alternative crying out to be adopted.”


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