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“Inspirational” – Brian O’Driscoll names FOUR England legends in his all-time XV


  • 13. Conrad Smith (New Zealand)
  • 12. Yannick Jauzion (France)

O’Driscoll on Smith: “I thought Conrad Smith was always one of the really difficult ones. He was nicknamed ‘Snake’ I think because of his hips and it doesn’t look like he’s going that fast but jeez, he can travel.”

O’Driscoll on Jauzion: “He was just incredible and was so hard to stop, with his offloading ability. France built so much off and around him. 6-foot-4 and probably 17-stone.”


  • 10. Jonny Wilkinson (England)
  • 9. Peter Stringer (Ireland)

O’Driscoll on Wilkinson: “Even to just get a snapshot of what his mind works like now and how he thinks about things is pretty eye-opening as to what sort of detail he went into as a player,”

“He’s an out-and-out perfectionist, he just needs that 10 out of 10. I don’t think you ever achieve it and I think he beats himself up about it, but he got pretty close to 10 a lot of times.”

Pictured is: Jonny Wilkinson poses with his Premiership Rugby Hall of Fame inductee trophy during the Premiership Rugby Hall of Fame Dinner at HonourableArtillery Company – Photo mandatory by-line: Phil Mingo/Pinnacle/Premiership Rugby – Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 – Mobile: 0797 1270 681 – 02/09/2015 – Premiership Rugby Hall of Fame at London’s Honourable Artillery Company, London


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