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INSPIRING | Rugby players who overcame disabilities

Read about the rugby players with disabilities who refused to be limited by their conditions.

These inspiring achievers pursued their dreams and achieved so much!


1. Ian Mckinley – Blindness

It’s now roughly eight years since the accident that led to Ian McKinley losing the sight in his left eye. In a freak accident, a stray boot from a fellow teammate perforated his left eye while playing a club match in 2010 for University College Dublin, leaving him partially blind in that eye. The injury would be a career-ending one for 99.9% of professional athletes but not for McKinley.

2. Henry Slade – Type 1 Diabetes

Slade signed his first professional contract with Exeter Chiefs at the age of 18, the same year in which he also developed type 1 diabetes. Under the 2010 Equality Act, type 1 diabetes is defined as a disability, in that it may have a ‘substantial, long-term, negative impact on a person’s ability to carry out normal, day-to-day activities’.


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