Three international rugby players implicated in match-fixing scandal - Ruck

Three international rugby players implicated in match-fixing scandal

Rugby Australia is reportedly set to be urged to open an investigation into allegations of possible match-fixing in a Wallabies game from several years ago.

The Sydney Morning Herald said some “high-ranking sporting officials” will contact RA with concerns about at least threee Wallaby players who all “still have considerable links to Australian Rugby — either in an on- or off-field capacity.”

Australia was strongly favoured to win the match in question, with the rival team at attractive odds on most sports betting agencies. And the Wallabies purportedly lost it after several strange incidents, such as blatant forward passes, simple tackles being missed, unexplainable knock-ons and kicks inconceivably not going to where they should.

The Herald said the sporting officials had been aware for some time of close links between several players and a controversial horse racing identity. They were also understood to be friends with a SP bookmaker. The players were allegedly seen with them on occasions.

One experienced player, who had financial issues, appeared to be “the ring-leader”, said The Herald.


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