International rugby star reveals 'loads of players do cocaine' - Ruck

International rugby star reveals ‘loads of players do cocaine’

Samoa international Eliota Fuimanono-Sapolihas made an astonishing accusation that cocaine is commonly used by rugby players – including All Black regulars.

His bold tweet – on a social media thread – comes in the wake of the revelation that Australia international Karmichael Hunt was arrested in Brisbane for the possession of cocaine.

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Fuimaono-Sapolu, who had spells with both Bath and Gloucester in the English Premiership, will make officials very uneasy with what he revealed.

He was responding to a tweet from Paul Williams, which said “Karmichael Hunt caught with sniff, again. Wasting/wasted his career.”

“One beer has close to the same fat content as a Big Mac,” said Fuimaono-Sapolu.

“Cocaine has zero.”

“Dudes want the high without the fat.”

He also suggested that the drug is very popular in Super Rugby circles, saying cocaine is used “heaps in super rugby including some of your favourite All Blacks.”

Even more surprising was his claim that we may have witnessed test matches where players have been under the influence of the drug during the game.

Replying to a reply to his tweet which said “cocaine-fuelled test matches would be interesting. Egos and bravado completely out of control…. I’d watch!”

“You’ve already seen them,” replied Fuimaono-Sapolu.

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