James Haskell caught up in Twitter storm over ‘disgusting’ special needs jibe - Ruck

James Haskell caught up in Twitter storm over ‘disgusting’ special needs jibe

James Haskell has been slammed for posting a ‘disgusting’ comment used to describe people with special needs on celebrity Jacqueline Jossa’s beach picture.

I’m a Celebrity winner Jacqueline shared a photo on Instagram earlier this week of her posing with a football on a beach.

But her pal James sparked fury among her followers when he responded with a comment saying she looked “like she was waiting for the sunshine bus”

This is an offensive slang term used to describe transport used by those with special needs or disabilities.

The rugby star, who is married to Chloe Madeley, wrote: “You look like you are waiting for the sunshine bus and if anyone touches your football you will go mad.”

One person fumed: “Let’s hope you never have children with special needs!” As another said: “I’m sorry such an ill judged comment.”

A third added: “As a parent of a child with a disability these types of comments are often said to mock a person’s disability and are hugely offensive, experience first hand the struggles and pain of a disabled person or be a family member who hears comments relating to a person they love it’s heartbreaking.

“So I will happily be on the pc brigade, defending my child and others with disability.”

The comment was later deleted.