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James Haskell has a song out… and it’s actually pretty good!


12. Ma’a Nonu – I played with him in Japan and he’s another great bloke off the pitch and on it he has some fantastic skills. He can tackle, pass, kick and he’s a real handful.

13. Tamati Ellison – Another I played with in Japan. Ultra-professional and if it wasn’t for injuries I’m sure he’d have won more New Zealand caps.


11. Rupeni Caucau – Just an incredible player who would score incredible tries. He could look like a 40-year-old builder with his belly hanging out but he could still turn it on.

14. Alesana Tuilagi – I was pretty mortified when I found out he’s coming back to the Premiership with Newcastle a few years back. Just when you think you’re in the clear, the Tuilagis all start coming back. So, so powerful.

15. Jason Robinson – What incredible footwork. I remember an England session at the 2007 World Cup and he was getting frustrated during a sidestepping drill. Mark Cueto just turned to him to explain not everyone had feet like him.

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