Jamie George reveals Sean O'Brien is taking his fine duties very seriously - Ruck

Jamie George reveals Sean O’Brien is taking his fine duties very seriously

England and Lions hooker Jamie George has given us an inside look to the fines on tour in New Zealand and who is the head of the committee.

“There are a few people on that, but Sean O’Brien is the one you want to look out for,” revealed George, who was conducting a Q&A for the official Lions site.


|He is always walking around with his notepad just ticking stuff off and trying to catch you out.

“We all know who is on the fines committee so you have to make sure you stay whiter than white when they are around. There is a dice roll but the punishments are different to 2013, there won’t be anyone calling up their DoR like Simon Zebo had to do then, but some of them are still very bad.

“One of the punishments is that you have to do a two-minute performance in front of all the lads but I think the worst one is probably that you have to wear your suit, what we call your ‘No 1s’, for a whole week.

“If you are seen out of your room then you have to be in your suit which is brutal – that would be such a bad one to get when we have the first fines meeting. There are also ones like if you roll a 1 then you get a free pass, if you roll a 2 then you get to nominate someone else to roll.”

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