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Japan Rugby World Cup fixtures and results

Find out the results of the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches so far, plus a fixture list detailing when and where all the games are being played in Japan.

Rugby World Cup fixtures and results

Here is the schedule, including all the Rugby World Cup fixtures and results.

All times listed BST – click the links for the match reports.

Japan Rugby World Cup fixtures and results

Fri, Sep 208:45 PMJapan vs RussiaTokyo Stadium
Sat, Sep 212:45 PMAustralia vs FijiSapporo Dome
Sat, Sep 215:15 PMFrance vs ArgentinaTokyo Stadium
Sat, Sep 217:45 PMNew Zealand vs South AfricaYokohama International Stadium
Sun, Sep 223:15 PMItaly vs NamibiaHanazono Rugby Stadium
Sun, Sep 225:45 PMIreland vs ScotlandYokohama International Stadium
Sun, Sep 228:15 PMEngland vs TongaSapporo Dome
Mon, Sep 238:15 PMWales vs GeorgiaCity of Toyota Stadium
Tue, Sep 248:15 PMRussia vs SamoaKumagaya Rugby Grounds
Wed, Sep 253:15 PMFiji vs UruguayKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Thu, Sep 265:45 PMItaly vs CanadaHakatanomori Football Stadium
Thu, Sep 268:45 PMEngland vs USAKobe Misaki Stadium
Sat, Sep 282:45 PMArgentina vs TongaHanazono Rugby Stadium
Sat, Sep 285:15 PMJapan vs IrelandShizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Sat, Sep 287:45 PMSouth Africa vs NamibiaCity of Toyota Stadium
Sun, Sep 293:15 PMGeorgia vs UruguayKumagaya Rugby Grounds
Sun, Sep 295:45 PMAustralia vs WalesTokyo Stadium
Mon, Sep 308:15 PMScotland vs SamoaKobe Misaki Stadium
Wed, Oct 25:45 PMFrance vs USAHakatanomori Football Stadium
Wed, Oct 28:15 PMNew Zealand vs CanadaOita Stadium
Thu, Oct 33:15 PMGeorgia vs FijiHanazono Rugby Stadium
Thu, Oct 38:15 PMIreland vs RussiaKobe Misaki Stadium
Fri, Oct 47:45 PMSouth Africa vs ItalyShizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Sat, Oct 53:15 PMAustralia vs UruguayOita Stadium
Sat, Oct 56:00 PMEngland vs ArgentinaTokyo Stadium
Sat, Oct 58:30 PMJapan vs SamoaCity of Toyota Stadium
Sun, Oct 63:45 PMNew Zealand vs NamibiaTokyo Stadium
Sun, Oct 66:45 PMFrance vs TongaKumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium
Tue, Oct 89:15 PMSouth Africa vs CanadaKobe Misaki Stadium
Wed, Oct 93:15 PMArgentina vs USAKumagaya Rugby Grounds
Wed, Oct 96:15 PMScotland vs RussiaShizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Wed, Oct 98:45 PMWales vs FijiOita Stadium
Fri, Oct 119:15 PMAustralia vs GeorgiaShizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Sat, Oct 123:45 PMNew Zealand vs ItalyCity of Toyota Stadium
Sat, Oct 127:15 PMEngland vs FranceYokohama International Stadium
Sat, Oct 129:45 PMIreland vs SamoaHakatanomori Football Stadium
Sun, Oct 132:15 PMNamibia vs CanadaKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Sun, Oct 134:45 PMUSA vs TongaHanazono Rugby Stadium
Sun, Oct 137:15 PMWales vs UruguayKumamoto Prefectural Athletic Stadium
Sun, Oct 139:45 PMJapan vs ScotlandYokohama International Stadium

Knockout stage

By fixture

Sat, Oct 196:15 PMWinner Pool C vs Runner up Pool DOita Stadium
Sat, Oct 199:15 PMWinner Pool B vs Runner up Pool ATokyo Stadium
Sun, Oct 206:15 PMWinner Pool D vs Runner up Pool COita Stadium
Sun, Oct 209:15 PMWinner Pool A vs Runner up Pool BTokyo Stadium
Sat, Oct 267:00 PMWinner QF 1 vs Winner QF 2Yokohama International Stadium
Sun, Oct 278:00 PMWinner QF 3 vs Winner QF 4Yokohama International Stadium
Third-placed playoff
Fri, Nov 18:00 PMLoser SF 1 vs Loser SF 2Tokyo Stadium
Sat, Nov 28:00 PMWinner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2Yokohama International Stadium

World Cup knockout stage bracket

Quarter-final 1Quarter-final 2
Winner Pool CRunner-up Pool DWinner Pool BRunner-up Pool A
Semi-final 1
Winner QF 1Winner QF 2
Winner SF 2Winner SF 1
Semi-final 2
Winner QF 3Winner QF 4
Quarter-final 3Quarter-final 4
Winner Pool DRunner-up Pool CWinner Pool ARunner-up Pool B