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Japan’s 2015 win over Springboks to hit big screen

Japan’s incredible 34-32 victory over South Africa in their 2015 Rugby World Cup pool clash is to be made into a movie, according to reports.

Kyodo News has revealed that the story of the shock triumph is to hit the screens in a film by Australian writer and director Max Mannix.

The movie will be called “The Brighton Miracle”, with filming expected to commence in January next year on the Gold Coast of Australia.

“What Eddie Jones and his team did in 2015 was truly magnificent and worthy of being remembered,” Mannix revealed to Kyodo News.

“The story goes beyond rugby in the same way ‘Chariots of Fire’ wasn’t just about running. That was more a film about the distinction between class, belief and religion.

“No one gave the Japan team a chance against South Africa, who at the time were the most successful Rugby World Cup team in history. The result was celebrated around the world. What I want to do is try and show why it happened (and) where did the self-belief come from?”

Mannix added that the movie would not centre completely around the on-field performance as he wanted to uncover how Japan found the confidence to achieve such a result.

“Imagine how the Japan players felt being told before they went by millions of people that they didn’t have a chance. How they overcame that self-doubt and put aside what everyone thought and knuckled down in what they believed in. That’s what this story is all about,” he said.

“It’s less to do with rugby and more to do with humanity and it’s that story that drives you to the fantastic outcome.”


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