Jason Leonard branded an 'abysmal Lions manager' by controversial journalist - Ruck

Jason Leonard branded an ‘abysmal Lions manager’ by controversial journalist

Controversial rugby scribe Stephen Jones has branded Jason Leonard as an ‘abysmal choice as Lions manager’ following the 2021 tour.

“These are two members of the Lions committee that we have almost not heard from in the entire season,” he said, speaking on his weekly podcast ‘the Ruck’.

“We heard nothing from them when the tour was struggling, nothing from Jason (Leonard) that great convivial former prop but an abysmal choice as manager (sic) of the Lions.

“The Lions should really be looking at Ben Calveley to see if he is up to the job of chief executive (sic).

“Neither of those two have changed anything. We are still bickering with Premiership Rugby a week before the tour starts and we still have no rest and recouperation for the Lions between tours.

“All they care about is getting a ‘bung’ in for Australia in four years’ time. I hope they both go right away so the Lions can get some serious officials in.

“It seems to me that since 1993 nothing has changed in terms of the amateurishness of the preparation and I find that disgraceful.”


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