Jiffy leaves Brian O'Driscoll out of his all-time Lions backline | Page 2 of 3 | Ruck

Jiffy leaves Brian O’Driscoll out of his all-time Lions backline


  • 13. Jeremy Guscott (England) – “He restored fans’ faith in the aesthetic and artistic qualities of the game. I always appreciated his effortless style. Opponents were unable to predict whether he was going to run, pass or kick. Everything he did was instinctive and this made him a very difficult player to read.”
  • 12. Mike Gibson (Ireland) – “He was the complete footballer, ‘phenomenal’ according to The New Zealand Rugby Annual. In an interview, Brian O’Driscoll paid a sincere tribute to one of Irish rugby’s greatest ever players: ‘At times when Irish rugby wasn’t successful, he was always the shining light.”


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