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Joe Marler reveals if he’s regretting decision to retire from international rugby

Joe Marler reveals if he is regretting his decision to retire from international rugby ahead of Saturday’s clash in Cardiff.

“I haven’t got a single regret about that decision,” revealed Marler to the Evening Standard.

“The only regret I have is wearing a snot-coloured green T-shirt to my wedding!

“Technically it was my fault. I was ironing a shirt to wear that morning and my missus said, ‘You don’t like wearing shirts’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, you’re right’. She said, ‘Just wear something that you’re comfortable with’.

“So I grabbed the first T-shirt that was on the side which happened to be snot green. In the wedding photo we’ve got, I don’t look particularly good.

“There have been moments watching the games when I’ve thought, ‘I would love to be a part of that,’ but that’s the same as fans watching it,” Marler added. “But you make choices in your life. 


“You make decisions that you think are the best thing for you first and foremost. But also for the people around [me] and the choice I have made is the right choice for me and for my family. 

“I’d happily go down to the Principality and get stuck in. I’d love to, that was always the one game I’d look forward to the most. 

“I’m still looking forward to it. But my priorities have changed. I’d love to be out there playing that game, getting in the mix, but that’s not my priority any more. My priority is at home and good luck to the boys.”

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