Joe Marler smashes out 'record-breaking' benchpress in front of impressed teammates - Ruck

Joe Marler smashes out ‘record-breaking’ benchpress in front of impressed teammates

The question “How much do you bench bro?” is commonly heard in rugby clubs and gyms all across the country.

In preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the England squad has been undergoing intense training sessions in the gym. Prop Marler has made it into the top five bench presses, surpassing lock Courtney Lawes’ record of 150kg.

Reflecting on the training camp, Marler expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It’s been an incredible experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve had a perpetual smile on my face. Since the first week, entering this new environment, I’ve been filled with childlike excitement. It felt like the first day of school! I was a bit nervous driving back in, wondering what it would be like after being away for so long. But once I got there, I loved it. It’s been an amazing and enjoyable journey.”

“I missed this. Even before returning, I longed to be back in the mix, but that decision wasn’t solely mine to make. Well, it could have been my choice – it has been in the past. I wanted to get back in, but I had to wait for Steve to give me the opportunity to come back and keep up with the young guns. I’m relishing the challenge.”

Marler also maintains his belief in the squad’s chances at the World Cup, despite a lackluster performance in the Six Nations tournament.

“While we encountered difficulties in the Six Nations, the team still believes. I tend to align myself with the senior players, although the youngsters prefer to keep their distance and avoid listening to my ramblings. When I refer to the senior group, it’s just me and Coley (Dan Cole).”

“Do Coley and I share belief? Absolutely. This team possesses an abundance of talent and a wealth of experience. Many of us were part of the 2019 campaign and can draw from that painful experience. We know the sting of losing in the final. Let’s harness that as inspiration and motivation for the rest of this talented group to push forward. Personally, I have unwavering belief. If there’s a genuine chance for us to lift that trophy, count me in.”

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Bench Press record:

RugbyPass have put a list together of the bench press records of elite rugby players.

Here we look at, according to that list, the three strongest players currently in the England squad.


#5. Joe Marler (prop) – 160kg