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Jonny Wilkinson reveals unexpected career highlight

Rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson has revealed an unexpected moment as his career highlight.

Despite his Champion Cup, Six Nations and World Cup triumphs, the number 10’s career highlight came far closer to home.

“There was so many huge moments during my rugby carer,” revealed Wilkinson to YOU Magazine.

“If I had to choose something from my rugby days, it would actually be playing alongside my brother Mark for the Newcastle Falcons.”

Mark spent his three-year professional career between 2002 and 2005 at Newcastle Falcons, alongside his brother, Jonny, predominantly playing as a Centre.


Jonny Wilkinson picks his dream team

Jonny Wilkinson famously won the World Cup for England with a drop goal in 2003, but if he had to pick a non-English Dream Team, who would he choose?
Fullback: Serge Blanco – France

“Serge Blanco typified French rugby at its best with his audacity, ambition and flair. He was most famous for his scintillating counter-attacks, frequently running the ball out of seemingly impossible situations.”

Wing: Christophe Dominici – France

His opportunism, his flair, his game reading, his sheer explosivity to really change a game is something that sticks in my memory”

Outside Centre: Brian O’Driscoll – Ireland

“The ability to change the game in a second, a heartbeat, with his movement, with his skill, his game reading but also his leadership.”

Inside Centre: Tim Horan – Australia

“A guy that knew how to win, knew how to play the game. His body language suggested he didn’t really know how to fail or what mistakes were, what under performance was.”

Wing: Jonah Lomu – New Zealand

“The guy is quite a remarkable rugby legend and deserves to be so. No Rugby World cup team would be complete without him.”