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Keith Wood: A “Lions League” to replace the Pro 12?

Speaking on Off The Ball on the final Wednesday Night Rugby of the season, former Ireland captain Keith Wood gave his take on structural changes that could be made.

And his suggestions would combine the Guinness Pro 12 and English Premiership.

“Well, there is a world calendar in the conversation for the moment,” he said.

“For me, there always has been a – I can’t say it’s a perfect route but a good route is I still believe in having a league system based with Britain and Ireland.”


He continued: “So the idea of trying to amalgamate and come to some agreement where you could have England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales playing almost as in a Lions League and then you fit in a Lions tour at the end of the every four years that can be factored in properly.

“I mean, there’s an awful lot of work that would have to be done to make that happen but that doesn’t mean that would be the wrong thing to happen.

“Because the Pro 12 does well but not anywhere near as well as it needs to and there’s a lot of money in the UK. So there would be a different divvy up of the spend.

“But that seems like the most comfortable fit for this to fit into the Northern Hemisphere calendar. We know that if it does fit into the Northern Hemisphere, it can fit into the Southern Hemisphere.”

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