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Kingsholm named the best Premiership stadium, all 10 ranked worst to best

#7. Franklin’s Gardens (Northampton Saints) – 7/10

Bio: Franklin’s Gardens, located in Northampton, is a historic stadium with a capacity of 15,249. It’s known for its excellent viewing facilities and vibrant atmosphere, offering a mix of modern amenities and traditional charm.

GOOD REVIEW: “Impressive stadium with good facilities, plenty of options for eating and drinking. All seats offer a clear, uninterrupted view of the pitch.”

BAD REVIEW: “Overall a bad experience, which we won’t repeat.”

#6. Sandy Park (Exeter Chiefs) – 7.5/10

Bio: Situated in Exeter, Sandy Park is the home ground of the Exeter Chiefs. Opened in 2006, it has a capacity of 13,593. The stadium is noted for its excellent facilities and accessibility, contributing to a strong matchday experience.

GOOD REVIEW: “I’ve been to most Premiership grounds, and this is one of my favourites. It has easy access, a great crowd, and even though it was a sellout, you could move around and get to the bars and bathrooms without a problem.”

BAD REVIEW: “I was looking forward to my trip to Sandy Park (approx 400-mile round trip to get there), but I was so disappointed and let down by the experience.”

#5. Ashton Gate (Bristol Bears) – 7.5/10

Bio: Ashton Gate, located in Bristol, is home to the Bristol Bears. With a capacity of 27,000, it’s one of the larger stadiums in the Premiership. The venue is praised for its vibrant atmosphere and high-quality facilities, despite some criticisms regarding parking.

General View of Ashton Gate with Gallagher Branding during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Match between Bristol Bears and Saracens at Ashton Gate on 17 Sep. Photo: Tom Sandberg/PPAUK

GOOD REVIEW: “Always a lively venue on rugby day and well worth booking into one of the Ashton Gate restaurants. The service is top-notch, even when dealing with large crowds. The kitchen produces excellent food, making it a truly enjoyable experience for both business and social outings. Highly recommend this venue.”

BAD REVIEW: “It was an awful stadium with a horrible smell, although that might have been the company I was with. The food was horrible, parking is a nightmare, and the staff are just rude.”

#4. The Recreation Ground (Bath RFC) – 8/10

Bio: The Recreation Ground, commonly known as The Rec, is located in Bath and serves as the home ground for Bath RFC. With a capacity of 14,509, it’s celebrated for its picturesque setting and traditional rugby atmosphere, though it faces some infrastructure challenges.

GOOD REVIEW: “Been here a few times, proper rugby ground, good crowd, easy entrance and exit, plenty of bars and toilets. Never any problems here; if you are a rugby fan, it is a ‘must go’ place.”

BAD REVIEW: “The ground is of similar standard to a non-league football ground and unfit for Premiership Rugby.”