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Kingsholm named the best Premiership stadium, all 10 ranked worst to best

#3. Welford Road (Leicester Tigers) – 8.5/10

Bio: Welford Road in Leicester is the home of the Leicester Tigers. Opened in 1892, it has a capacity of 25,849. Known for its rich history and passionate fans, it combines traditional charm with modern facilities.

GOOD REVIEW: “Welford Road is one of my favourite rugby grounds. It is not too big and has a good atmosphere with a knowledgeable and fervent crowd.”

BAD REVIEW: “Keeps growing and keeps getting more ugly and out of place. Large monster on a small site. Knock it down and extend the hospital next door.”

#2. Twickenham Stoop (Harlequins) – 9/10

Bio: Twickenham Stoop, located in South-West London, is home to the Harlequins. With a capacity of 14,800, it’s renowned for its intimate atmosphere and excellent facilities, making it a favorite among rugby fans.

GOOD REVIEW: “Nice tight little ground with great facilities. Bars under the stands and plenty of food and franchise stands to keep queues short.”

BAD REVIEW: “Please sort out some training for your hired bar staff Quinn’s as it is consistently poor.”

#1. Kingsholm (Gloucester) – 9.5/10

Bio: Kingsholm Stadium, located in Gloucester, is the revered home of Gloucester Rugby. With a capacity of 16,115, it’s famed for its passionate fan base and electric atmosphere, making it one of the top destinations for rugby supporters.

GOOD REVIEW: “Been all over Europe watching my team, first visit to Kingsholm. City, fans, food, bars within the stadium, local pubs, and local people – fantastic, thank you.”

BAD REVIEW: “Very long waits for a simple pint of horrible cider and the toilets. The staff don’t seem to understand how to deal with large crowds as it takes so long, and this was when the game was on, so it wasn’t overly busy.”