"Lack of motivation" - 5 England stars of the last decade who have totally fallen off the radar - Ruck

“Lack of motivation” – 5 England stars of the last decade who have totally fallen off the radar

They were once considered the future of England, but these five players have slid a long, long way from Eddie Jones reckoning.

The fortunes of most rugby players, even those considered among the best in their country, tend to wax and wane.

Very few are able to perform at a consistently high level for years on end as leading figures on the domestic and international scene. All sorts of factors can intervene to mean they fade from view.

 These five England rugby internationals from the last decade are still active, but nowhere near consideration…


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#1. BEN MORGAN (England v Australia at Twickenham, 2015)

The Gloucester powerhouse has previously featured in Jones’ training squads, but he has not won an England cap since 2015.

Given he is behind Billy Vunipola, Sam Simmonds, Alex Dombrandt and probably Eddie Jones dog in the number eight pecking order, it seems the 33-year-old’s international career is well and truly over.

Great player at his best, but like many, hampered by injury.

Where is he now? Retired at the end of the 2022/23 Premiership season

DID YOU KNOW? He had been due to qualify for Wales (having lived there for three years) in time for the 2012 Six Nations Championship