Jamie Roberts toughest ever opponent probably isn't the first player you'd think of - Ruck

Jamie Roberts toughest ever opponent probably isn’t the first player you’d think of

Jamie Roberts’ arch nemesis is not even a centre but a No.10 in prodigious points scoring All Blacks legend Dan Carter.

He’s mixed it with some of the most talented players in the game has ever seen in a Test career spanning over a decade with him winning  94 Welsh caps.

“I know he wasn’t a centre but Dan Carter,” revealed Roberts to Wales Online.

“You always try to second-guess what an opponent was going to do but, with Dan, you’d think he was going to kick and he’d run. Or you’d expect him to run and he’d kick.

“He always keeps you guessing and was thinking three phases ahead.

“Rugby’s like a game of chess to him and he’s always thinking what move to make next.”

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