Leicester Tigers have been fighting in training yet again - Ruck

Leicester Tigers have been fighting in training yet again

The fact that Leicester Tigers players have been having stand-up fights at during training will hardly be ground-breaking news.

Even this season there has been reports of fights but stories of bust-ups in training were commonplace at Tigers, especially during the amateur era.

But under new forwards coach Mark Bakewell, who joined from Bristol only last week, fights are back on the cards – and lots of them!

Lock forward Mike Fitzgerald revealed to the Leicester Mercury: “Mark has got the boys in at 6.30am to do a bit of boxing,” he said.

“It’s just the forwards who do it and there are a couple of guys that I wouldn’t want to take on, Logo (Mulipola) being one of them.

“He is a big and powerful man and he can certainly throw a punch.


“By the time Mark has had everyone warming up for a while, they are all pretty wrecked by the time they get to do the boxing! Usually, it’s the fittest man who wins.

“Mark is really big on standards and we have been working very hard on line-out skills and line-out lifts, maul set-ups and things like that since he joined.

“He is working really hard on it all. He reviews a lot at training. We don’t half-hearted walk throughs. We are always full-on.”