Leicester Tigers players face disciplinary action after police incident in Italy

  • Five police patrols were sent to break up a late-night fracas involving Leicester Tigers players
  • The incident happened after the club’s pre-season friendly against Benetton Treviso in Italy
  • Leicester players went behind the counter and helped themselves to food on their way back to their hotel
Leicester Tigers players could be in trouble after an incident at a McDonalds in Italy saw five police patrols sent to break up the late-night fracas.

The staff at a branch of McDonald’s in Silea, on the outskirts of Treviso, raised the alarm at 4 am as players went behind the counter and helped themselves to food on their way back from a nightclub.

According to an Italian police source, four members of the McDonald’s staff said the players’ actions had made them feel “extremely intimidated”, forcing them to dial the Italian 112 emergency number.

“The Leicester players had been drinking after the match, and because there was a bit of a wait to get served [in McDonald’s], it seems some of them went behind the counter and helped themselves,” a police spokesman told the Sunday Times.

“When the carabinieri saw the situation, they asked us to intervene as well. When we got there, the bill was paid and we got them back on their bus.

“There was no physical aggression. When they saw our uniforms, they realised they had taken things too far and screwed their heads back on.”

Commenting on the incident, a club spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident in Italy where the police were called.

“We operate a very strict code of conduct and where behaviour falls short of the standards demanded there are sanctions.”


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