Lewis Moody gives blunt opinion on Joe Marler’s ball grab

5. Sebastien Chabal (France)
To be sure, part of Sebastien Chabal’s mystique is his burly caveman appearance. But he’s also gargantuan and has the brute force to back up his looks. I mean, it’s not like just anyone can get a montage of their top plays set to the score from Terminator.

4. Mamuka Gorgodze (Georgia)
Anyone nicknamed ‘Gorgodzilla’ for his exploits in the school of hard knocks that is the French Top 14 means the 6ft 5ins 18st 10lbs Tblisi-born back rower is an absolute animal.

3. Bakkies Botha
Botha is regarded as one of the toughest and nastiest men to ever play the game. In his first ever international match, he got a yellow card for “stamping” (like, with your feet). Also, he served suspensions for eye-gouging Australian Brendan Cannon and head-butting New Zealander Jimmy Cowan.

2. Brian Lima (Samoa)
In 2003, Samoan hardman Brian Lima issued one of the most bone-crushing hits in the history of the RWC (and probably in the history of rugby in general) against South Africa’s Derick Hougaard. The initial hit comes at the 0:09 mark (not that you could miss it.

1. Jacques Burger (Namibia)
His wild hair and misshapen nose bear testament to his hammering away at the breakdown coalface as a player who could perform with distinction across all three back-row positions.