Rugby chief backs potential for British & Irish Lioness' tour - Ruck

Rugby chief backs potential for British & Irish Lioness’ tour

Welsh Rugby Union chief executive Martyn Phillips says he supports a women’s British and Irish Lioness’ tour.

“Women’s rugby is growing so quickly globally and definitely in Wales,” Phillips told BBC Wales Sport.


“For me it would be a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’.”

He then added that this point of view is shared amongst other northern hemisphere unions.

“I think a couple of my colleagues elsewhere in the Lions have said it’s not something they’d ever rule out,” he added.

“As a player it’s such a brilliant thing to be involved in.

“To see how much these players get out of this tour and how much they genuinely enjoy the experience, to think that there would be an option for women there at some point is something that we should absolutely consider.”

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