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A Lions Poem: Band of brothers rebuild momentum

Friend of RUCK.co.uk, Jonathan Clark, has written the latest in a series of Lions themed poems following the tourists 12-3 win against the Crusaders this morning. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Kiwi press will say we told you;
No flare, no chaos, no try line brace;
Goal kicking is your only ace.

But hands raised up for Test Match place,
Performers gelling getting a taste,
Of what can be: belief!
And yes relief! Ignore the papers grief!

Farrel together twenty four seven,
The team becoming best of brethren,
Hatches battened, back on the road,
Long and winding with heavy load.

Positives still with things to work on,
Focus, finish the execution.
Take result, the pride restored.
Jersey, badge unspoken word.

Band of brothers rebuild momentum.
Ride crest of wave where it will take them
To training ground to make things slick
But never unbutton your red tunic!

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