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LIST: 10 Best rugby websites – places to follow our sport

It’s time for an updated list of the best rugby websites or other places on the internet, where you can find everything you need – from humour to news and statistics.

Here are 10 of our favourite places to stay up to date with the latest goings-on in rugby union.

We’ve decided not to include ourselves as you obviously already know how great we are.

If you know any other great places to follow our beautiful game, let us know in the comments and we can add them to the list!

Best place to read about rugby:

Talking Rugby Union: Offers something nobody else does with unmatchable coverage of the lower leagues with fantastic editorial.

Telegraph Rugby: Read regular columns from Sir Ian McGeechanBrian Moore, and more.

Rugby Pass: A number of talented journalists covering every area of the game. Also, a great place for people to stream rugby, but unfortunately not in the UK.

Wales Online: Always first on the scene when reporting any of the goings-on in rugby. Sometimes a little bias but the clues in the name.

Best places to talk about rugby:

Reddit: The Rugby Union Reddit is one of the best communities out there. Banter, debate and a lot more for anybody who joins their very welcoming family.

RUCK facebook group: We said we wouldn’t include the website, not our Facebook community. A fiery place to talk about rugby, it’s a great place to share your opinions and connect with likeminded fans.

Best places to watch rugby

Squidge Rugby: The about section of his channel reads: “A desperate attempt to understand a sport where not even the ball makes sense.”

Well Squidge, you did it. Unrivalled analysis of the biggest games, players and teams from around the world.

Rugby Dump: This website features a huge collection of video footage of matches along with compilations of tackles, passes, tries and more. Honourable mention to Rugby Onslaught, who do a similar thing with a more controversial tone of voice.

Other great rugby places:

The Eggchasers Podcast: A podcast by Tim Cocker along with his fellow rugby fanatics JB & Phil. They have a lifetime of following & playing rugby. They bring you real rugby chat straight from the clubhouse.

Rugby Memes Official: Hands down the funniest rugby account to follow on Instagram. They also run some really worthwhile competitions for merchandise, tickets and more…

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