LIST | 5 England stars who played through serious injuries

3. Manu Tuilagi (PUBIS/HIP/THIGH)

Tuilagi revealed this story in the lead up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup: “I used to put padding around my pubis and then strapped around it.

“It’s not nice — I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I played five games with it being really painful. It was stupid.

“I pulled my adductor in my thigh but had no idea what an adductor felt like if you pulled it. I did it on the Thursday, played on the Saturday and strapped it up.

“I played five games with it — and it went higher and higher into my groin. At one stage I started strapping my pubis. The physio was like ‘What are you doing?’ I said ‘Er, nothing’.”


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