LIST | 5 most followed female rugby players on Instagram

1 – Charlotte Caslick – 105k

No women’s rugby round-up would be complete without Charlotte Caslick. She’s not only one of the best players in the world, but she’s publicly engaged and hilariously active on social media.

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I don’t usually share anything overly personal on my account but today being RUOK day I thought I’d share a little insight into me. I think it’s an incredible campaign and it’s great Australians are so aware of mental health now but I think we also need to start normalising the use of pysch services. Throughout the last 6 months my world completely changed by firstly something I’d been working towards for 4 years suddenly being postponed. @lewiholland moved away to continue trying to play some sort of rugby while his 7’s program was all but falling apart in the background, we had to postpone our wedding and were under financial strain with taking huge pay cuts to help RA survive this time as best the business could. We’d gotten through the worst of the drought (fingers crossed) on our farm in Qld, holding on and recovering. We are forever grateful for our family that help us with it, but it sucks as hands on people having to rely on others to do our work. Everything that was once in my control suddenly wasn’t and I had no idea how to cope. Everyone was going through their own challenges in this time so I felt it was really hard to talk about it because I thought ‘someone else is worse off’ but really, it was ok for me to feel sad, unmotivated and frustrated at all the change in my life. Our head physio recommended chatting to someone else outside of my normal bubble and it was the best thing I could have done. An outside perspective that helped me cope through stressful situations I’d never been in before. I think of myself as resilient and strong and talking to a psych doesn’t make me any less of those things. In summary I think it’s a wonderful thing checking in on each other and we should do this everyday, but just like looking after our muscles we need to look after our minds. At the end of the day it is our most powerful tool for success. 😘

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