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LIST | 5 of the biggest fights in rugby history

At times, a player’s emotions tend to go over the boil during a rugby match. 

These instances may be few and far between, but there have been plenty of occasions when the ignominious side of football has reared its ugly head and some brutal fights have broken out on the field.

Let us take a look at FIVE of the biggest altercations that took place during a rugby match.

5. Manu Tuilagi v Chris Ashton, 2011

Not some much as a contest as a savage beating. Leicester Tigers’ centre, Manu Tuilagi, took out Saints’ wing, Chris Ashton, off the ball with a swinging arm. Ashton, understandably, was not best pleased about this and shoved the Samoan born England international in the back. What happened next was eyeball rubbing!