LIST: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Curry

2. Football trial

It is true that Tom Curry had a trial at Manchester City, who the twins support, but that was scuppered by Tom scoring an own goal.

“One day, scouts from Manchester City came to watch our school team play. I was running on the stairs, tripped over and split my shin open, so ended up getting rushed to hospital and couldn’t play. Luckily the scouts were impressed with Ben at centre-back and when they found out he had an identical twin they were like: ‘Great, bring them both along.’

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Looking forward to football season #Shlids #CityTrials

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“A few months down the line, we were playing for City against this Dutch team. I tried to head the ball back to the goalkeeper but instead placed a beautiful header straight past him into the goal.

“And that was that. That was our football career over. So, long story short, Ben got us in and I got us out!”

Probably for the best.


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